Providing secure, HIPAA compliant, practitioner to practitioner communication.

Nimbus provides secure encryption capabilities to your practitioners, that is not only simple to use, but helps you to meet your HIPAA obligations. No outbound firewall rules required & direct point to point messaging out of the box.

Lets simplify your workflow & meet required legislation together ...
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Legislation is important,
but so is your business,
we get that!

Businesses just like yours are struggling with meeting parts of HIPAA compliance. They are also looking for more efficient ways to share patient data. Nimbus Secure not only helps you to meet, but are EXCEED the encryption requirements AND lets you gain efficiencies that turn into monetary benefits. Best of all, no business associate contract is required. Win win!

Meet HIPAA Compliance
Address the 'Implement tools for encryption and decryption' HIPAA requirement using Nimbus.
Simple To Use
Using simple copy and paste, there is no upskilling required to achieve encrypted transfers.
Low Cost
Starting at just $8 a month, Nimbus is a low cost option to comply with HIPAA technical safeguards.

Up to 178% faster than how you share private information today.

Saving files & attaching them to emails, or even printing and faxing, take substantially longer than using the simple methods of Nimbus. Imagine being more secure AND more efficient.

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Faxing (3 minutes)
Email (36 seconds)
Nimbus (10 seconds)

... it could even be cheaper.

  • Save money, by saving time
  • No more special trips to the post office
  • No special paper required
  • No more envelopes
  • No more stamps!
  • No dedicated lines for a fax machine
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Posting (~$60)
Faxing (~$55)
Nimbus (~$0.30)
If you send just ONE secure file a month, Nimbus can save your business up to 198%.
Send more? Simply save more.

What is HIPAA though?

Often wrongly abbreviated as HIPPA, HIPAA stands for Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (1996). Any company that sends or receives data must be HIPAA compliant, otherwise the data sharing as well as internal and external company transmissions are not protected and therefore cannot be trusted.

HIPAA is not a certification or a government stamp, no. It is actually a framework of protocols, or in simpler terms, a set of standard practices. These protocols are meant to enlighten organizations about the lawful, appropriate, and secure use, storage, and sharing of PHI.

What about ePHI?

PHI or Protected Health Information does not relate only to health-related data such as a pacemaker's serial number, medical bills, health insurance or Mediclaim details, etc., but includes all data stored, archived, or managed within a healthcare organization.

So, this data could include financial details, social security numbers, full-face photos, and every bit of data that you posses about a patient. If this data falls into the wrong hands, you would open your patients up to identity thefts, frauds, and data misuse of all kinds.

Nimbus Secure helps you to share and protect this information.

How You Can Benefit.

Sometimes, companies try to encrypt and decrypt messages use a lot of processes such as encrypting individual drives, creating extra drop folders, zipping with passwords and many more. In the name of security, they end up adding unnecessary standards and protocols that disrupt the workflow and affect overall productivity.

Nimbus provides you with an end-to-end encryption and decryption service that is as simple as copy and paste.

We automate the entire process to ensure secure data transfer while you are sending as well as receiving information.

At a technical level, here is how Nimbus protects and secures the data you are transmitting.

Easily Estimate Your Cost. No Surprises.

We designed our pricing model, so you only pay, when you are using Nimbus Secure. Don't need to send secure data one month? No problems, then its free for that month.

Receive Only

The perfect starting place if others will be sending to you.
Received Files
Email Support
Upgrade Anytime

Send & Receive

For those wanting to both send secure data and receive it.
for approx 50 documents
~ $8 per month
Everything in receive only plus;
+ First TEN transfers you send are FREE in your first month
Bandwidth Included
30 Mb
Additional Bandwidth
$0.30 per Mb
Sending File Limit
API Access
Lite Accounts
Integration Engine
Nimbus Office (Word Plugin)


The perfect starting point for individuals or small teams who want to try Optic for the first time.
$12 Per User, Per Month
8GB Per User
20,000 Per Month
API Calls
Unique Features
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For large and growing teams who want to work at maximum capacity, with no limits.
$18 Per User, Per Month
100GB Per User
API Calls
Unique Features
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Need more features such as;
  • Service level agreement
  • Included transfer allowance
  • Priority support
  • Organisation level billing
  • Enterprise single sign on
  • Customised deployments (HA/DR/BCP)
  • Account manager
Contact us about an enterprise plan today.

Solve These Problems Today.

Securing ALL your B2B File Transfers
While the rest of the world is busy with zipping, encrypting, sending, worrying, receiving, decrypting & opening - Nimbus users are just sending & receiving.

Yes, it’s that simple! Simply install Nimbus on your servers or workstations and rest assured, every transfer is secure, every interaction is encrypted. Whether you’re sharing passwords or reports, newsletters, or technical files, Nimbus encrypts them all right at your workstation before sending and decrypts as soon as the files reach their destination.
Securing ALL Your Customer Interactions
Sending emails is so 2010s, welcome the new decade with advanced security – the Nimbus Superlite. Send a file to your customers and let them retrieve it using our easy-to-use client without any hassles or software installation. Customers can also send you files through Nimbus’ secure data transfer services.
Securing ALL Employee-Employee Transfers
Employers fretting over accidental data leaks, unexpected confidential revelations, and human errors, welcome to your abode.

Get Nimbus now and secure all data transfers between your employees and within your server. Let go of the age-old hassle of firewall settings and countless risk management sessions. Nimbus eliminates this problem altogether.

The Encryption and Decryption Requirements of HIPAA Compliance

Send and receive: that's what you need to do, in order to maximise your value in healthcare. Ever wondered what would happen in case this data was lost during this sharing process? Ever wondered how your organization's name would look in the 'Wall of Shame', where companies who have been held accountable for massive data breaches end up?

Secure data transfer is so important that HIPAA compliances have a complete set of rules for the same, which are Implement tools for encryption and decryption. This protocol is to ensure that all devices of authorized users are secure.

Said devices must have encryption and decryption functionalities - files should be encrypted when sent outside the borders of the company firewall, and decrypted when they enter the firewall at the receiver's end.

This basically means that when you share data outside your company, each laptop or mobile officially used in your organization must first encrypt the data, then send it, and also ensure that the receiver can decrypt the data once it is within protected boundaries.

You must ensure secure data transfer to the business as well as the customers. This ensures that when it is out in the open and accessible through the internet due to interconnectivity, it is safe from hacking or data theft attempts. Your primary aim must be to ensure that this data enroute its transfer journey is encrypted. At the same time, this data should be inaccessible to third parties along the way. It should not be stored on cloud storage platforms or internal servers for caching, and in an ideal world, these storage locations should not even act as intermediary mediums to transfer from point A to point B.

Simply put, you want your data to be encrypted from your device and take exactly one long hop to its destination without any stoppages in between, and while hopping, the data must be safeguarded. Achieve this, and, as far as the encryption and decryption aspect is concerned, you are now HIPAA compliant.


Spend more time helping patients and save time moving files about the office. Right out of the box, Nimbus comes with a specialised rules engine, to help you to automate the flow of information inside and outside your business. Ask us how this can work for you.
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